Travel Bug

I don’t know where this travel bug came from, but it’s starting to stress me out.

When I was in middle school, and even early on in high school, I never thought I would move from my hometown. In fact, in middle school, I couldn’t even fathom the idea. I remember one girl in my middle school whose family up and moved to California. Like…what? How do you just pick up your life and move across the country? How do you just completely start over? Little did 12 year old me know that I would be doing the same thing 7 years later, except I would be going south instead of west.

And let me tell you, it was as hard as I imagined. Luckily for me, most of the burden of selling the house and buying a new house fell on my mom (thanks Tasha), but it was still no walk in the park. I get bored and frustrated having to pack for a 5 day vacation, so imagine me having to pack up my entire life. It was awful! But not as bad as it was to unpack. Pretty sure I dragged that out as long as I could though, at least a month. And since then, I’ve had to move in to my Belmont dorm, and then out two semesters later; into a townhouse, and then out 12 months later; back into my mom’s house, and then out 3 months later; and into my current apartment, and out in about two months. So you could say I’ve done my fair share of moving. And fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, it doesn’t really faze me anymore.

Since I’m graduating in December, I need a real job to support my borderline gambling and shopping (and tattoo) addiction. The prospect of maybe moving to California to work for The Giving Keys or Maryland to work for Under Armour doesn’t rattle me in the slightest, and it should. Yes, I am a bit ahead of myself because I don’t even have my degree in hand yet, but I need to somehow get out of this fantasy world of being able to pick up and move to LA.

If anyone has a cure for travel bugs, LMK!

Reporting to you live from Nashville (for now),


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Update: I Don’t Know What I’m Doing

Surprise! I’m back from hiatus. I wish I could say I was busy but I’m pretty sure I was just being lazy.

Anyway, we’re about midway through summer, I’m almost done with summer classes, and the fact that my final semester at Belmont is about to start is setting in. And as you can see from the title, I have no idea what I’m doing.

I know I’ll pass all my classes in the fall, so at least I can count on graduating, what comes after that is uncertain. My genius self wanted to move to Nashville, and while I don’t regret it for a second, Nashville is growing like crazyyyyy. And that means astronomical rent prices and intense competition for jobs. So that will be some panic that I’ll live with for the next couple of months. Looking forward to it!

I mean, it’s hard enough to get an internship around here! I have a pretty decent resume, and if the experience isn’t enough, it’s very well designed (shoutout to canva), I write competent cover letters, my interviews go well (I think?). I do that thing where you get super nervous and black out during public speaking scenarios. And yet I still find myself struggling to get an internship, so I can’t imagine how tough the post-grad job market will be.

But after sitting with what feels like failure all summer, I realized it is anything but failure. Simply getting interviews is an accomplishment in itself. These companies obviously see something great in you, and that should never be counted as a failure. I refuse to believe that after 4.5 years of college and tens of thousands of dollars later that the universe won’t work things out. I will end up where I am supposed to be. I just hope that place is a job with good benefits and paid vacation 😉

Will I graduate? Will I be employed? Will I be living in a box on Belmont’s lawn? Stay tuned!

Until next time,


In Conclusion…

Well folks, I survived my trip to Daytona Beach! It was an amazing trip with even better people, and even better food. There’s nothing quite like going to bed with salty hair, and waking up knowing when you walk out of your room you’ll be right back on the beach. I’m even thankful for the sunburn, no matter how unpleasant it was at the time.

I did learn some things though:
1. 30 SPF is not enough for the Florida sun

2. If you’re going to drive more than 8 hours, have 4 people, or fly

3. Three days was not long enough

Daytona has a piece of my heart, and all of my money. Thanks for the all you can eat crab, mini golf, airbrushed tanks, and $1 jello shots.

Now its time to go back to real life. But, hey, real life ain’t so bad either.

Until after I recover


A Growth Year

Well friends, as we approach July, I have found myself reflecting more and more everyday on the past year I had at Belmont and the events surrounding. Now let me warn you, if you are expecting this happy-go-lucky story filled with rainbows and unicorns, then I suggest you go elsewhere. We are about to get real.

Pre-fall 2015, I was beyond excited for the school year. I had just been initiated into Phi Mu and the people I had called my best friends were all of a sudden my sisters. We went almost right into recruitment, and I was so excited to be in a room full of my sisters. Now let me tell you, staying up til 4am, then going home and sleeping until 7am just to get up and do it again, ain’t all it cracked up to be. It was rough, and my relationships felt it. The weeks to follow were….interesting. I somehow managed to trip on stairs juuuust right and tear my quadricep muscle. My semester of frolicking with new friends quickly changed to me sitting in my room, barely able to make it down the stairs and get food. Needless to say, I was in a funk.

A couple months and long hard talks later, I was back on track, Christmas was around the corner, and spring semester was closely approaching. I did the typical thing that everyone does when the new year comes around: “this is going to be my year, 2016 is my year”. For a while, I thought I was right. I actually knew what I was doing in my classes, I was more involved in Phi Mu than I ever had been, and I had blossoming relationships that I was so excited about. Side note: I usually let myself get caught up in the glitter of good things, and not realize that underneath all the shine and glitter is just a dull sac of rocks. Anyway, back to the story….I was making relationships because they were convenient, not because they were what I wanted. So I found myself, sitting in my bed in my former Wedgewood townhouse, thinking to myself “welp, my best friend is leaving for the summer, this is going to be a fun summer with my mom living at home #party”.

Then, the craziest thing happened, so suddenly that I didn’t even realize it happened until now. I was a part of a group of people, who all genuinely love and care about each other. It’s just easy, and spontaneous, I mean hell, we all went and got tattoos together the other night (sorry mom and grandma, surprise!). This is something I have needed for a long time, and now I have it. I am lucky.

All of this is useless if I don’t tell you what I’ve learned. ONE: friendship ain’t easy, it’s the people who stick around when you look like a drowned rat in a puddle of tears you want in your life. TWO: always, always, always count your blessing, not your problems, it’ll put you in a much better mindset. And finally, be patient, don’t force things to happen, they will happen naturally, and you will end up where you need to be.

Until next time

(considering my mom lets me live after the bomb I just dropped)


I’m in a Sorority?

Yes, I am. And it’s actually been exactly a year since I got my bid from Phi Mu.

I am the typical “if you told me before college that I’d be in a sorority I’d laugh in your face” cliché. But, here I am, sitting in my 8am looking srat as hell in my sisterhood retreat shirt, and I love every minute of it.

A year ago I sat down with three executive members of Phi Mu as they talked to me about my potential bid, and I was scared out of my mind. First of all, they were all beautiful and second of all, they were all really funny; you shouldn’t be allowed to be both. So I’m sitting in my chair sweating profusely as they tell me I’m about to gain 200 sisters. 200 girls. I’d be lying if I said that didn’t make me nervous, because as most people who know me know: I’m pretty weird; there was no way these girls were going to like me.

Then they tell me I’m going to get a family. And I was like “I have a family thanks”. And they’re like “no you’re going to get a big and then next year you’ll get a little”, and before I know it, a few short weeks later, my big is drawing our family tree trying to explain to me the relationships of everyone in the family. I just nodded along and ate my queso like I knew what was happening.

Lucky for me, my best friend was already in Phi Mu, so I had someone in my corner going into all these events. And she made me go to these events, the first event being Greek Sing, which is when the whole Greek community puts on a show singing/rapping/dancing about the other chapters. Sounds harmless right? Well, Phi Mu’s theme was “Greeks in the Wild”. So as if they weren’t intimidating enough, they’re all wearing ripped up shirts and leggings, hair teased, and make up like you’ve never seen before. I couldn’t help but think if I tried to do that, I would look like I just got sent through a wood chipper. But it was honestly one of the best things I have ever witnessed. And without her pushing me to go to events, I probably would have just sat on my couch in my letters.

Fast forward back to me sitting in my 8am right now, I’m thinking about my time in Phi Mu, and I have had my ups and downs, bad times have come and gone, but I have 200, 2oo girls, that would be there for me in a heartbeat if I needed them. Phi Mu has given me my  best friend, someone I consider my big sister, people that will road trip 4 hours with me to see a Carrie Underwood concert, and countless people to laugh, cry, and complain about school with.

So yes, I am a cliché. But as I sit here writing this, tearing up a little bit, I am proud to be in a sorority. And I am proud that sorority is Phi Mu

Saw the rest, pledged the best.

Until next time.





Welcome to Nashville!

Well, kinda….

I’ve been here for a little over a year now, so I guess welcome really isn’t the word for it, it’s more like “oh you again?”

Anyway, what feels like a day is really over 365. Over 365 days of memories, fun, happiness, and let’s not forget the drama. But we all need a little drama in our lives or we would just go day-to-day with no excitement, switching between reality shows trying to decide which Kardashian best suits our personality. Or at least I would. But Nashville has brought much more to me than Kardashian drama, and it’s not at all what I expected.

There was a certain fairytale aspect to Nashville when it was just a glimmer in my imagination; there was no way my small Massachusetts hometown could compare. It was this magical place of cowboy boots, country music, and barbecue. Above all else, it was a place where Carrie Underwood and other stars just walked the streets. Nothing could go wrong here, so why not take the leap and go to Belmont? It was a nice little picture I painted for myself, but it wasn’t completely accurate.

Country music and barbecue were definitely everywhere, but things surely could go wrong. A semester into Belmont and reality reared its ugly head. The days of free Miranda Lambert and Florida Georgia Line shows were gone, friend groups were dwindling, and grades were…well…not up to par.

So, where did everything go wrong? What happened to that fairytale land I dreamed up not too long before? Well folks, I hit what I like to call a “dream hangover”, which is basically when the dream wears off, and you’re left with reality, which sucks amirite?? What I was left with was a similar life to that I lived in Massachusetts, so I found myself thinking “what’s the point?” And here’s where I learned my first lesson…

You won’t hit a dream hangover if you keep the flame burning inside you. Don’t let the petty things going on with friends, or bad grades that won’t matter in 10 years anyway get you down. You are the creator of your own happiness. No city or person can take that away from you. So, in the wise words of Jason Aldean “love it, or hate it, we’re all just trying to make it, in this crazy town.”

Embrace the crazy!

Until next time