And the Bachelor is….

Alright. Sorry in advance for two Bachelorette blogs in a row but after Monday night, how can I not??

If you’re like me, you’re still reeling from the absolutely devastating moment that was Rachel and Peter’s break up. I think it takes the cake for most gut wrenching, real, raw moment in the history of the show. Watching that happen was almost as disappointing as when they announced Nick was the Bachelor last year. Rachel literally cried her eyelashes off for Peter, hell, I cried my eyelashes off and I wasn’t wearing fake ones.

I mean, in the real world, what Peter was saying is totally normal. If a guy proposed to me after 2 months and like 5 dates, I would be slightly alarmed, but that’s not how the Bachelorette works. We know he’s seen the show since he wrote in his high school yearbook that he wanted to “be on the Bachelor”, so it should be no shock what is expected of him at the end. And imagine being Rachel. She went on the Bachelor wanting to get engaged and got her heart broken. Imagine doing that process all over again and STILL not being engaged. I wouldn’t want that. Whether or not you think she settled for a ring, I think it’s undeniable that she has love for Bryan.

But now the fun part: who will be the next Bachelor?? It should be Dean, but they sent him to Paradise, and according to spoilers, he has a girlfriend-ish thing. ABC could continue it’s “firsts” and have the first Bachelor in Eric. Eric really came out of his shell at and after hometowns, and I think we definitely slept on him too long. And TBH, that beard is WORKING. Rachel and Bryan were both quoted saying they think the Bachelor should be week-six-send-home Alex, ya know, the beautiful Russian man who deserved more time because yum.

Now as far as who it shouldn’t be; I will be really disappointed in ABC and the Bachelor himself if it’s Peter. After the tear fest of Peter saying he needs more time and breaking both Rachel’s and my heart, he can’t turn around and be the Bachelor. He, like most of America, probably isn’t cut out for the 3 month engagement thing, but don’t take that stand on TV and then sell out for money/fame/whatever. But I am also a sell out because if they make him the Bachelor I will still watch because yum.

But for now, I’m looking forward to the epic drama that is Bachelor in Paradise. And I’ll probably write blogs about that too because duh.

p.s. @ABC, I write so much about your shows, can I get a sponsor? No? Okay.

Until next episode,


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