Update: I Don’t Know What I’m Doing

Surprise! I’m back from hiatus. I wish I could say I was busy but I’m pretty sure I was just being lazy.

Anyway, we’re about midway through summer, I’m almost done with summer classes, and the fact that my final semester at Belmont is about to start is setting in. And as you can see from the title, I have no idea what I’m doing.

I know I’ll pass all my classes in the fall, so at least I can count on graduating, what comes after that is uncertain. My genius self wanted to move to Nashville, and while I don’t regret it for a second, Nashville is growing like crazyyyyy. And that means astronomical rent prices and intense competition for jobs. So that will be some panic that I’ll live with for the next couple of months. Looking forward to it!

I mean, it’s hard enough to get an internship around here! I have a pretty decent resume, and if the experience isn’t enough, it’s very well designed (shoutout to canva), I write competent cover letters, my interviews go well (I think?). I do that thing where you get super nervous and black out during public speaking scenarios. And yet I still find myself struggling to get an internship, so I can’t imagine how tough the post-grad job market will be.

But after sitting with what feels like failure all summer, I realized it is anything but failure. Simply getting interviews is an accomplishment in itself. These companies obviously see something great in you, and that should never be counted as a failure. I refuse to believe that after 4.5 years of college and tens of thousands of dollars later that the universe won’t work things out. I will end up where I am supposed to be. I just hope that place is a job with good benefits and paid vacation 😉

Will I graduate? Will I be employed? Will I be living in a box on Belmont’s lawn? Stay tuned!

Until next time,


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