Let’s Talk about The Bachelorette

*Disclaimer: if you are not up to date, there will be spoilers ahead.

I have recently become a slave to Bachelor Nation, watching each episode religiously as it pops up on Hulu. And I have to say, after Nick Viall’s season had me questioning my loyalty to the franchise, Rachel Lindsay has reaffirmed me as a believer. She is a confident, beautiful, bad-ass African American woman, who also happens to be a lawyer. She is the kind of woman you want your kids to look up to. The men this season are A+. They make me melt like a popsicle on the 4th of July.

This past episode was hometown dates featuring Bryan, Peter, Eric, and real life Ken Doll Dean, who has talked several times about the tumultuous relationship he has with his family, his father in particular. Since the episode aired, there have been several articles and tweets saying that ABC and the Bachelor took advantage of Dean’s situation for ratings and forced him into something he didn’t want to do. People are also angry that after “airing out his dirty laundry”, Rachel sent him packing.

I have to say, I usually love reading articles about Bachelor gossip, but on this particular week, I completely disagree with everything.

Let me start by saying, Dean completely won me over. He seems like a great person and his face has been sculpted by the gods. But let’s not pretend Dean didn’t know what he was signing up for. The Bachelorette has been on for 13 seasons now. It is no secret what happens. Contestants for as long as can be remembered, if they make it to the final four, have to bring the Bachelorette to their hometown. I relate to him so much as I have an awful relationship with my dad and I wouldn’t want that aired out either, but I didn’t sign up for a reality show. And let’s not pretend like the Bachelor or any reality TV for that matter has ever been overtly moral. With that being said, we also know what we are signing on for when we watch the show. You can angry tweet about how much this bothered you all you want, but if you go back next week and watch the final 3, your tweets mean absolutely nothing.

Don’t get me wrong, it was totally raw and emotional and maybe pushed the boundaries of TV, but that’s how it’s always been. And while I am surprised that ABC let Rachel send Dean home after all that, I don’t blame her if she had stronger feelings for the other men. Whether the show and the drama is fake or not, the feelings, the proposal, and the eventual (maybe) wedding are real, and we cannot expect Rachel to marry a man just because we feel bad for him.

With all this being said, @Dean, I am available.


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Travel Bug

I don’t know where this travel bug came from, but it’s starting to stress me out.

When I was in middle school, and even early on in high school, I never thought I would move from my hometown. In fact, in middle school, I couldn’t even fathom the idea. I remember one girl in my middle school whose family up and moved to California. Like…what? How do you just pick up your life and move across the country? How do you just completely start over? Little did 12 year old me know that I would be doing the same thing 7 years later, except I would be going south instead of west.

And let me tell you, it was as hard as I imagined. Luckily for me, most of the burden of selling the house and buying a new house fell on my mom (thanks Tasha), but it was still no walk in the park. I get bored and frustrated having to pack for a 5 day vacation, so imagine me having to pack up my entire life. It was awful! But not as bad as it was to unpack. Pretty sure I dragged that out as long as I could though, at least a month. And since then, I’ve had to move in to my Belmont dorm, and then out two semesters later; into a townhouse, and then out 12 months later; back into my mom’s house, and then out 3 months later; and into my current apartment, and out in about two months. So you could say I’ve done my fair share of moving. And fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, it doesn’t really faze me anymore.

Since I’m graduating in December, I need a real job to support my borderline gambling and shopping (and tattoo) addiction. The prospect of maybe moving to California to work for The Giving Keys or Maryland to work for Under Armour doesn’t rattle me in the slightest, and it should. Yes, I am a bit ahead of myself because I don’t even have my degree in hand yet, but I need to somehow get out of this fantasy world of being able to pick up and move to LA.

If anyone has a cure for travel bugs, LMK!

Reporting to you live from Nashville (for now),


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Update: I Don’t Know What I’m Doing

Surprise! I’m back from hiatus. I wish I could say I was busy but I’m pretty sure I was just being lazy.

Anyway, we’re about midway through summer, I’m almost done with summer classes, and the fact that my final semester at Belmont is about to start is setting in. And as you can see from the title, I have no idea what I’m doing.

I know I’ll pass all my classes in the fall, so at least I can count on graduating, what comes after that is uncertain. My genius self wanted to move to Nashville, and while I don’t regret it for a second, Nashville is growing like crazyyyyy. And that means astronomical rent prices and intense competition for jobs. So that will be some panic that I’ll live with for the next couple of months. Looking forward to it!

I mean, it’s hard enough to get an internship around here! I have a pretty decent resume, and if the experience isn’t enough, it’s very well designed (shoutout to canva), I write competent cover letters, my interviews go well (I think?). I do that thing where you get super nervous and black out during public speaking scenarios. And yet I still find myself struggling to get an internship, so I can’t imagine how tough the post-grad job market will be.

But after sitting with what feels like failure all summer, I realized it is anything but failure. Simply getting interviews is an accomplishment in itself. These companies obviously see something great in you, and that should never be counted as a failure. I refuse to believe that after 4.5 years of college and tens of thousands of dollars later that the universe won’t work things out. I will end up where I am supposed to be. I just hope that place is a job with good benefits and paid vacation 😉

Will I graduate? Will I be employed? Will I be living in a box on Belmont’s lawn? Stay tuned!

Until next time,