In Conclusion…

Well folks, I survived my trip to Daytona Beach! It was an amazing trip with even better people, and even better food. There’s nothing quite like going to bed with salty hair, and waking up knowing when you walk out of your room you’ll be right back on the beach. I’m even thankful for the sunburn, no matter how unpleasant it was at the time.

I did learn some things though:
1. 30 SPF is not enough for the Florida sun

2. If you’re going to drive more than 8 hours, have 4 people, or fly

3. Three days was not long enough

Daytona has a piece of my heart, and all of my money. Thanks for the all you can eat crab, mini golf, airbrushed tanks, and $1 jello shots.

Now its time to go back to real life. But, hey, real life ain’t so bad either.

Until after I recover


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