A Growth Year

Well friends, as we approach July, I have found myself reflecting more and more everyday on the past year I had at Belmont and the events surrounding. Now let me warn you, if you are expecting this happy-go-lucky story filled with rainbows and unicorns, then I suggest you go elsewhere. We are about to get real.

Pre-fall 2015, I was beyond excited for the school year. I had just been initiated into Phi Mu and the people I had called my best friends were all of a sudden my sisters. We went almost right into recruitment, and I was so excited to be in a room full of my sisters. Now let me tell you, staying up til 4am, then going home and sleeping until 7am just to get up and do it again, ain’t all it cracked up to be. It was rough, and my relationships felt it. The weeks to follow were….interesting. I somehow managed to trip on stairs juuuust right and tear my quadricep muscle. My semester of frolicking with new friends quickly changed to me sitting in my room, barely able to make it down the stairs and get food. Needless to say, I was in a funk.

A couple months and long hard talks later, I was back on track, Christmas was around the corner, and spring semester was closely approaching. I did the typical thing that everyone does when the new year comes around: “this is going to be my year, 2016 is my year”. For a while, I thought I was right. I actually knew what I was doing in my classes, I was more involved in Phi Mu than I ever had been, and I had blossoming relationships that I was so excited about. Side note: I usually let myself get caught up in the glitter of good things, and not realize that underneath all the shine and glitter is just a dull sac of rocks. Anyway, back to the story….I was making relationships because they were convenient, not because they were what I wanted. So I found myself, sitting in my bed in my former Wedgewood townhouse, thinking to myself “welp, my best friend is leaving for the summer,┬áthis is going to be a fun summer with my mom living at home #party”.

Then, the craziest thing happened, so suddenly that I didn’t even realize it happened until now. I was a part of a group of people, who all genuinely love and care about each other. It’s just easy, and spontaneous, I mean hell, we all went and got tattoos together the other night (sorry mom and grandma, surprise!). This is something I have needed for a long time, and now I have it. I am lucky.

All of this is useless if I don’t tell you what I’ve learned. ONE: friendship ain’t easy, it’s the people who stick around when you look like a drowned rat in a puddle of tears you want in your life. TWO: always, always, always count your blessing, not your problems, it’ll put you in a much better mindset. And finally, be patient, don’t force things to happen, they will happen naturally, and you will end up where you need to be.

Until next time

(considering my mom lets me live after the bomb I just dropped)


The Second Greatest Time Of Year


It’s me,

I’m back! Sorry for the hiatus. But I am back just in time for the second greatest time of year, second only to Christmas…CMA Fest! It’s a weekend of being surrounded by great country music, food trucks, and pictures of Carrie Underwood; anyone who knows me at all knows this is my dream.

I’m going to throw it back to my first post on here and give Nashville a little love.

I know the exact moment I fell in love with Nashville. It was CMA Fest 2013. It was a weekend of country music and sweating more that I have ever sweat before. I was sitting in the stadium on the 3rd night, waiting patiently for Carrie Underwood to close the show. She comes on and sings the usuals. I had been hoping she would sing “Paradise City”, she does a kick ass cover of the Guns N Roses song, but Ih ad given up hope since she had sang it the year before. Well, her band started playing the intro, and I looked at my mom and screamed at the top of my lungs. The rest is history.

CMA Fest is a unique time. You hear songs on the radio all the time, but you really don’t know how much country music really touches people’s lives until you see a football stadium completely lit up with cell phone lights, and 60,000 people completely silent as Luke Bryan sings “Drink A Beer” as tribute to Orlando. It’s something you have to feel to understand.

CMA Fest used to be an unattainable dream of mine. Now it’s in my backyard. You’ve treated me well CMA Fest…

See you next year

Until next time